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The 411 on Soy Wax

Soy wax is natural! Soy wax is renewable! Soy wax is sensational! I’m sure you’ve all heard these claims, and so today I’m going to

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The Family That Crafts Together, Stays Together

I recall watching my Mother crafting when I was a young girl. I cannot even begin to describe every crafty piece of art she ever made. I can only say that making something pretty was an every day occurrence. Candle making was just one of the many lovely crafts she designed. Any time I showed interest, she would patiently show me how she made her latest creation. This was the case with all of my siblings, whether it was teaching one of us how to paint, sketch, make a wreath from scratch at Christmas time, or pour a candle. We spend hours creating whatever idea would pop into my Mother’s head on any given day.

She would collect natural treasures wherever she roamed such as pinecones, or popsicle sticks. I never knew what these items would turn out to be, but they all became something fabulous with a little time and imagination.

I can’t possibly tally the number of hours and days we spent all together making special creations, and I suppose all of us grew to have a little of the crafty gene in our own right thanks to my Mother, her creative gifts, her patience and extraordinary kindness.

When another generation arrived my Mother would say, bring the kids over, we’ll go to the dollar store and then we’ll do some crafting. I’ll teach them to make something magical with their own two hands. The kids loved their time with Grandma, and still regard her as creative and wise. They can’t wait to be by her side. With all her beautiful creations, the real treasure for her was having her family close. I think what she was really creating was a loving haven for all of us to be together. This prompts me to say that the family that crafts together, stays together.

February 2022

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Make it feel like Christmas all year round with candle making supplies from

You Make It Feel Like Christmas

I miss you Mom. You’ve only recently passed, but as the months go by I can’t help feeling that you’ve been gone too long. Its been too long since we’ve talked, and since I’ve seen your face.

So I write to you now, wishing you were here. Letting you know that its been hard for me to continue on this candle making journey without you. The world isn’t as bright, and making candles doesn’t give me the same happiness it once did. Nothing does. Not without you.

My Christmas tree is up already. Everyone made fun of me for my overly abundant Christmas cheer that began in November this year. It’s that way when you’re in the candle supply business. Everyone buys candle supplies a season ahead, and so I must be ahead too. I don’t mind though, I love Christmas. You made me love Christmas. As it turns out, I put up the tree a week before you died, and that’s good, because I don’t know that I’d have the strength to do it now, but I know I’ll find the strength. I’ll find it for our family. The family you created. The family you loved so much. I’ll do it for them, the way you did it for me all my life.

This is the first year I will celebrate Christmas without you. I make candles the way you showed me, every day, and I will place them all over my home, and think of you. I will always think of you – especially at times when we’re all together. You loved this time of year, but in truth, you made it feel like Christmas every single day. I love you Mom.

As tribute to you, I have created a website featuring all of your most glorious works or art, your writing. I wish you could see it.

Nov 2022

Merry Christmas from your friends at

Happy Holidays From My Home to Yours

Wow, what a whirlwind 2022 has been. As it comes to a close, I want to reach out to each and every one of you who have shown love to this year, by buying our candle supplies, supporting our social media pages, liking and commenting on every crazy candle we’ve made – even a few fire hazards. We appreciate it all. Every single one of you is really important to me, and so I want to extend my most sincere thanks to you. It has been a pleasure hearing all of your feedback, your insights, and your candle making ideas and advice. More than anything though, I am moved by your many kindnesses. I hope to hear more from all of you in the coming years. The candle making community is such a wonderful community, and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

I wish all of you success and proseperity in 2023.

Lisa Desjardins, Owner

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