Candle Making Tools and Accessories

Refine your candles with our candle making tools and accessories. From wick setters to wick stickers, to trimmers and heat guns we have everything you need to make candle making easy. 

Tools of the Trade

Getting accustomed to using the proper candle making tools and accessories is essential whether you’re a beginner candle maker, a savvy hobbyist, or a candle business owner. Using the proper candle making tools and accessories will ensure that your creations are as stunning as you want them to be, and you won’t waste time or materials making messy mistakes.

While you’re considering the candle making tools and accessories you’ll need to make lovely candles, try adding a touch of class by choosing a vessel that makes your wax look stunning. Our vessels and lids fit together perfectly, giving your creations a professional look. Topping your candle vessel with a lid will protect your pristine candle top, and will hold in your candle scent so it smells as wonderful as the day it was first poured. If you’re not a fan of lids, a candle dust cover can also be used to keep the tops of your candles perfect until lit.

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