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The 411 on Soy Wax

Soy wax is natural! Soy wax is renewable! Soy wax is sensational! I’m sure you’ve all heard these claims, and so today I’m going to give you the skinny of what makes soy wax so special.

What is soy wax?

Put simply, soy wax is a solid form of hydrogenated soybean oil. Soy wax is a relatively pure compound to make candles.

Benefits of soy wax candles

You can find it anywhere! Soybeans are grown extensively worldwide and therefore soy wax is readily available and renewable.

Clean Burning!

Candles made from soy wax will produce much less smoke than candles made from cheap waxes such as paraffin.

Clean-up In a Breeze!

Soy wax has a low melting point, so if you do happen to have a soy wax spill, it can be easily cleaned with soap and hot water.

Long Lasting!

Soy wax burns slowly and evenly. You may pay a little more for a soy candle, but the fact that the candle burns longer offsets the extra expense. Many have also claimed that scent lasts longer in soy wax candles, however, this depends on the quality of the candle fragrance oil used. Candle fragrance oils purchased at are of the finest quality and will surely produce a long lasting even scent for the entire life of your soy wax candle.

Versatile and Easy!

You can easily add scent and colour to soy wax. Soy wax can also be mixed with other types of waxes, to form you own blend.

Non-Petroleum: A Greener Choice!

If you wish to avoid petroleum released by paraffin wax candles, then a soy wax candle is ideal for you. Overall, it’s a cleaner, greener choice.

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