fall candle making scents available at candlehaven.ca
snickerdoodle candle scent available at candlhaven.ca

Is It Candle Making Season Already?

               It’s important to tell you that I’m writing this post in the middle of May. Most of us are getting ready to make our citronella candles for our time in cottage county through the summer, but not candle makers. Candle makers, specifically those who have started their own candle business know that they have to be a season ahead.

               While I endeavor to tell everyone that candle season is every time of year, candles at harvest time are a special joy. Those sugared pumpkin scents are among my favorites, as are the sweet smell of snickerdoodle cookies. Candlehaven.ca has decided to jump aboard this autumn trend by adding our own signature blends of those popular scents to our selective roster. Sugared Pumpkin Butter and Snickerdoodle are sure to be this season’s best sellers, and favorites amongst all candle makers and candle lovers.

               To those budding candle makers, don’t forget to make plenty of hand poured pumpkin and delightfully sweet, scented candles to give out as gifts during harvest season and Thanksgiving. Make sure to keep a couple for your own home for a little ambiance.

               To my new candle business owners, get ready for the fall, as this is when you’ll see your business boom. Buy, buy, buy so you have enough stock to meet demand. You will sell out faster than you think! There’s something addictive about snickerdoodles and pumpkins that customers are powerless to deny. Bring your delectable harvest candles out into the world and sell them at local craft fairs while the weather permits, and don’t forget to promote your heavenly scented candles on your website.

               Don’t forget that candlehaven.ca loves to promote its customer’s work on our website as thank you for your business. Submit a picture of your creations made from candlehaven.ca products and a link to your website. The coveted top position during the candle fall frenzy will go fast. Contact us today for more information.

May 2022

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