Amethyst Crystal Chips

Our Amethyst Crystal Chips are the sequins of the crystal world, giving your candles that extra sparkle. They offer the perfect blend of spiritual awakening, balance, and protective energy, all bottled up in beautiful mini chips. Think of our Amethyst Crystal Chips as the bouncers at your own private energy club – they’re here to take your negative vibes, put them in a headlock, and transform them into love-soaked positivity. So, prepare for lift-off with our Amethyst Crystal Chips. They’re not just stones, they’re stepping stones to your better self.

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CAD $5.95



Let’s talk protection. In a world where ‘stress’ is practically our middle name, enter Amethyst, the stone that guards you like a hunky bodyguard minus the dark sunglasses. It’s a natural tranquilizer, minus the prescription. Got physical stress? Emotional baggage? Amethyst is on it, zapping those not-so-great vibes with the finesse of a seasoned yoga guru. As for spiritual awareness, our Amethyst Crystal Chips have more awakening power than a triple espresso on a Monday morning. These little gems don’t just activate your consciousness; they send it an invitation. And balance? Amethyst is your friendly neighborhood tightrope walker, bringing equilibrium to your endocrine system like it’s walking a straight line.

Crystals may vary in size and shape due to their one of a kind nature. Approximate size is 3 – 5mm. They are sold in 10 gram quantities (approx. 55 – 65 crystals). Browse our variety of different crystals, here!
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