Crystals and Sparkle!

Try enhancing your candles by using crystals or sparkle dust. Whether for intention, or sparkle, make candles with a magical charm.

Dont forget your scents!

Get ready to embark on a fragrant journey with Candle Haven, where the scents are as captivating as a well-spun tale, and the wicks are the stars of the show! Our signature scents are not just irresistible, they’re the talk of the town! They’re the latest trendsetters on the olfactory runway. Try them, adore them, and then try some more. Dive into our aromatic assortment right here.

Wonderous Wicking

But wait, there’s more! Our candles aren’t just about the mesmerizing scents, they’re a visual treat too. With our innovative Spiral, Grid, and S Wicks, we’re redefining the wooden wick game. These aren’t just wicks, they’re the haute couture of candle fashion. You’ll find yourself smitten with their charm, as they add a dash of elegance to any candle. The flickering flames will hold your gaze, creating a hypnotic dance that’s as enchanting as the fragrances they emit. Explore our wick collection. With Candle Haven, it’s not just about lighting a candle, it’s about igniting an experience!