Electric Wax Melter

Produce like a genuine manufacturer with our electric wax melter. It has a 27 liter / 7.13 gallon capacity and a temperature dial so you can set the temperature you require for every batch. For ease of pouring, it features a metal spout to allow you to dispense the exact amount of wax for your candles with no mess. The enamel base is sturdy, easy to clean, and will protect against leaks. This electric wax melter will seriously help you ramp up production speed. It is a game changer and a must have for candle manufactures, small candle businesses, and candle making aficionados worldwide.

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More Information:

Brand Name: OEM
Model: EH200
Core Components: heating tube
Application: Melting Wax
Material: Enamel body, plastic handle, stainless steel faucet
Timer: 20-120mins (Unit automatically shuts off whe time has expired, with a beeping alarm that can be turned on or off)
Temperature Range: 122°-212°F (50 -100°C)el
Temperature control: Dial
Power: 120V/50-60HZ, 1500W
Cord storage in the base of the unit
External Dimensions: L 41cm x W 41cm x H 46cm
Product Weight: 7.3 kg / 16 lbs
Capacity: 27L / 7.13 Gallons

EH200 Wax Melter 27L – User Guide
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