Soy-Bee Coco Silk

Soy-Bee Coco Silk is a premium trio of soy, beeswax, and coconut wax that merges to form a luxuriously smooth blend that elevates candle making to an art. Celebrated for its remarkable scent throw and seamless jar adhesion, this all natural, single pour wax invites you to make candles that not only captivate the senses but also embody the pinnacle of quality and care.

  • Manufacturers Recommended Scent Load: 10% fragrance load
  • Melt Point: has a 43°C (110°F)melt point
  • Manufacturers Recommended Pour Temperature: 60°C – 71°C (140°F- 160°F)

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More Information:

Soy-Bee Coco Silk is your ticket to a candle-making experience unlike any other. Immerse yourself in the opulence of our all-natural blend of soy, beeswax, and coconut wax. Crafted for the discerning artisan, this one-pour wonder ensures your candles not only smell divine but also look impeccably smooth and soft. No more fuss with jar preheating—our low melt point locks in flawless glass adhesion and extended burn time. Unleash your creativity; this wax eagerly embraces dyes and resists bloom, staying perfect up to 100°F. Elevate your craft; choose Soy-Bee Coco Silk.

  • Manufacturers Recommended Scent Load: 10% fragrance load
  • Melt Point: has a 43°C (110°F)melt point
  • Manufacturers Recommended Pour Temperature: 60°C – 71°C (140°F- 160°F)

How to Use:

  • Heat wax to 60°C – 71°C (140°F- 160°F), add fragrance oil and stir for at least two minutes to allow the fragrance oil to bind to the wax.
  • Pour your wax into your candle vessel.
  • Soy-Bee Coco Silk works best when poured at high temperatures allowing for better glass adhesion, smoother candle tops, and great scent throw.
  • Cure your candles for at least 72 hours to enhance your cold and hot throw.

The above instructions should be interpretted as guidelines only. We recommend that you perform your own testing.
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