ilite candles signature custom candle collection
ilite candles signature custom candle collection Where My Fire for Candles Began

I first learned to make candles with my Mother when I was a young girl. She is a deep pool of creative talents of which I’ve never seen the true depths. I remember my fascination as I watched her ready the wicks, the wax, and the moulds. I would stand beside her on a stool and watch in awe as the wax melted in a double boiler on the stove. She explained that we would add colour, scent, and crystals and sparkle to make each candle unique and special; that when they were done, they would be one of a kind, and even more beautiful than what you could buy in a store; that when we lit them they would glow and make any room feel warm and inviting.

My Mother managed to make our modest home a haven every single day with her kindness, her warmth and her love, and somewhere in the background, always a homemade candle glowing. Because of her, candles always make me think of home, and love.

Throughout the years, I have lived in many homes. Each has had one thing in common; the radiant ambience of candles. I have always strived to re-create the same haven as the home of my youth. It is in this spirit that I decided to take what I had learned about creating candles from my Mother, and apply it using the newest and most luxurious products on the market. I set out to make masterpieces, inspired by two generations of artisans, our love of candles, and the warmth they evoke.

I want to share the gift of happiness that candle making has brought to my life. Browse our products and make the candle of your dreams.

It is my sincere hope that I can fill your home with the same warmth and love as I experienced as a child, with supplies from my Candlehaven.

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Sept 8, 2021

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