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The Ultimate Hunt for World Class Candle Supplies!

In my previous life before I was a candle maker extraordinaire, I worked in international trade. This taught me all the complexities of importing and exporting. Though this was not necessarily a career befitting an artistic candle maker, these skills have proven to be invaluable in the business of candle making and candle supply.

In my quest to make the worlds most perfect candle during a global pandemic, I used the few hours before lockdowns began at craft stores such as Michaels. Michaels is a great craft store located in Canada, but their candle making supply section is limited, and in my opinion, a little over priced.  I then started sourcing throughout North America, looking for those candle making supply stores that were rated very highly in the Candle Supplies Directory for North America. I became very excited when I found the store CandleScience located in the USA but CandleScience does not ship to Canada. I then found the Wooden Wick Co. I love their supplies. They are also located in the USA and they have a wide range of products. As their name suggests however, they carry wooden wicks, and not the non-wooden varieties. I also found their supplies expensive.  Next I found Lonestar Candle Supply. Lonestar is not sexy,  but they have a wide selection of wicks, and information related to Candle Wicking. I learned so much from their website.

Finally I came upon P&J Trading Co where I found an extensive selection of premium fragrance oils. Sourcing oils from P&J allowed me to begin combining to make my own custom scents as part of my candle making kits.

All of this was wonderful except for the fact that importing from the USA is expensive. I did find some supply stores in Canada, specifically Western Canada, but by in large the best supply stores were in the USA. I decided to change that. I celebrate these companies. There is room for all of us in the Candle Supply space, but I made it my mission to sell quality products of every kind, and because of my skill set, to make the supplies available for seamless export worldwide. This is what can offer that no one else can; One stop shopping and the ability to export anywhere in the world.

Sept 12, 2021