Lush Coconut Soy Wax

Lush Coconut Soy is a silky smooth, luxurious wax that provides excellent scent throw and minimal frosting. This creamy, dreamy, all-natural candle wax is perfect for creating glossy container candles.
  • Manufacturers Recommended Scent Load: Up to 12 %
  • Melt Point: has a 110-124 °F (43-51 °C) melt point
  • Manufacturers Recommended Pour Temperature: 57 – 60°C (135 – 140°F) *We recommend experimentation to determine the optimal pouring temperature for your container

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Create a beautiful Creamy Candle with this Lush Coconut Soy Wax! Its perfect for container candles. Lush Coconut Soy Wax is a 100% natural candle wax containing soy and coconut waxes with minimal contraction, good adhesion, and little to no frosting when poured. Testing with each Fragrance oil is recommended. Let candles cure for a few days before burning to enhance hot throw.

  • Manufacturers Recommended Scent Load: 10-12 %
  • Melt Point: has a 110-124 °F (43-51 °C) melt point
  • Manufacturers Recommended Pour Temperature: 57 – 60°C (135 – 140°F)

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How to Use:

  • Heat wax to 57 – 60°C (135 – 140°F), add fragrance oil and stir for at least two minutes to allow the fragrance oil to bind to the wax.
  • Pour your wax into your candle vessel.
  • Lush Coconut Soy wax works best when poured at this temperatures allowing for better glass adhesion, smoother candle tops, and great scent throw.
  • Cure your candles for at least 72 hours to enhance your cold and hot throw.
  • The manufacturer recommends 9-10% fragrance load for the Lush Coconut Soy wax, but we have found that this was can safely accomodate up to 12% fragrance oil.

The above instructions should be interpretted as guidelines only. We recommend that you perform your own testing.
Please note that candle waxes are excluded from our free shipping program.

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